“Rev. Charles Johnson’s life and ministry has paralleled mine in our common work toward justice and righteousness in Mississippi. While working alongside one another for common interests in the state, our ministries intersected at blessed moments along the way. Called to the Fire is an inspiring story full of the grace of God and social responsibility.”
~Dr. John M. Perkins, Author Let Justice Roll Down


“I’ve respected Charles Johnson over the many years we’ve worked for a better Mississippi and a better world. His life’s story is worth your time and your devoted attention.”
~Charles Evers, MS Civil Rights Activist and brother of slain activist Medgar Evers


“Called to the Fire is a powerful story about a powerful individual told in a powerfully humble manner. Charles Johnson – an unsung hero who becomes your father, your uncle or your neighbor as you read – survives odds befallen many other Blacks in Mississippi during his era. His courageous story would have been lost to history or known only locally for a brief period. This book grants heroic status to a deserving African American.

Bush presents a realistic, inside view of times-gone-by and attitudes that are difficult for many to understand without his interpretation. His well-organized layout and easy-to-comprehend writing style perk your interest to read just one more chapter.  The story draws upon a dichotomy of emotions (shame and honor, joy and sadness…), making this book difficult to put down. It can serve as an excellent reference for the historian or a quick introduction for the novice; another chapter of Mississippi Civil Rights forever etched in American history and shaping her destiny”
~Dr. Donald Cole, Assistant to the Chancellor for Multi-Cultural Affairs, University of Mississippi


“Remarkable story-telling, theology, and biography…
Charles Johnson’s story needed to be told. As a child of Mississippi growing up during the days of racial segregation and violence, I read this book as if it was my family story. These were my state’s headlines and news events. And in the middle of all the darkness, Charles Johnson stood as a man transformed by a power greater than the deeply entrenched evil surrounding him. He was a man of God in a time of racism. I have known Charles most of my life. The institution I serve as President conferred the honorary doctorate upon him. And one of our graduates, Chet Bush, has gifted us all with this carefully researched, articulately written account of Pastor Johnson. I’ve known a few true saints. Charles Johnson stands in the thin crowd at the top of that list.”
~Dr. Dan Boone, President, Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, TN


“In Called to the Fire, author Chet Bush masterfully recounts the power and emotion of one of the great untold stories of the Civil Rights era Mississippi with immeasurable craft and care. It is a fast-paced and engaging biography that I simply could not put down. The heroic life of Reverend Charles Johnson will strengthen your faith, embolden your longings for Biblical justice, and leave you awestruck by the divine power of forgiveness… prepare to be inspired.”
~Matt Litton, Author The Mockingbird Parables and Holy Nomad